We are very proud to present the newest full-length release on the Other Music Recording Co. imprint, Anna von Hausswolff's Ceremony, a record that truly captivated us late last year when it was initially available as an import via Kning Disk. The epic, majestic album is a gorgeous suite of songs written in tribute to this Swedish singer/composer's deceased grandfather, and its arrangements are centered around the sound of a massive pipe organ, with its rich, resonant tones recorded in a Gothenburg church similar to the ones she herself once sang in as a child. Anna's songwriting echoes the widescreen emotional vistas and intimate lyricism of artists like Kate Bush and Julia Holter, and she sings these songs in a powerfully assured delivery as percussion, intricate guitar lines, and additional piano and keyboard work intertwine themselves through the velvet tones of the organ. I haven't heard an album use the church organ so effectively and appropriately since Scott Walker's massive, epic Tilt, and while von Hausswolff's record does at times echo similar emotional distress, her songs are decidedly less oblique and more ambitious in their outlook. Altogether, it's a unique piece of work, quite unlike anything else that's been released in recent memory, and while there are certainly enough similarities to the recent crop of somewhat gothic songstresses like Zola Jesus and Austra (not to mention PJ Harvey's excellent, underrated White Chalk album), Ceremony is, to my ears, a decidedly more mature and accomplished work than those of her peers; she's without question an artist on whom we all should be keeping close watch. That she so deftly combines the experimental background of her father CM von Hausswolff's work with a clear talent for accessible pop songwriting makes her one of the most startling and satisfying new talents we've heard in some time. This album is a breath of fresh air; breathe it in as deeply as is possible.

-Mike IQ Jones (July 11, 2013)

"Mountains Crave"
"Liturgy of Flight"