When we first heard Boogarins, they were barely out of high school, recording striking psych nuggets in their parents' gardens in Goiania, Brazil. Boogarins' debut LP, As Plantas Que Curam (2013 Other Music Recording Co.), was an offhand reinvention of the spirit of Tropicalia, a fresh and charming DIY psych album with an irrepressible pop spirit, that thrust the young band onto the world scene. After two years of touring that took the group around the globe and back and forth across Brazil, Boogarins return with a stunning sophomore LP that lifts their sweetly melodic, hazy sound to new heights of beauty and elegance. Where the debut was a homemade patchwork pieced together in isolation by two young school friends, Benke Ferraz and Dino Almeida, Manual is the sound of an intuitive band on an epic journey together. Tracked in Spain in a classic analog studio during a break in their 2014 European tour, and then completed in Brazil between increasingly high-profile touring in their home country, the new album is both hallucinatory and firmly grounded. Built on the push and pull between Almeida's high lonesome, swooning vocals and Ferraz' swirling guitar, and anchored by a subtle and powerful rhythm section, Manual is a thoughtful exploration of the sound and feeling of growing up. It's a true coming of age for the band, and we could not be more excited to finally release this one to the world. Se divirtam! (October 30, 2015)

Reviewed by Josh Madell