"The Zephyr Bones are a surfer-psych-pop band based in Barcelona, named after a skater society from the 70s. Having moved from Chile to Spain to start a band, the four-piece of Brian, Jossip, Toni and Nico has their own studio in Barcelona called Big Beat Big Waves. Their music is full of summery beach vibes and the sea is a huge inspiration to them, drawing on the never-ending sunsets, all roads leading to the ocean. They draw inspiration from US bands such DIIV, the Drums, Wild Nothing, Real Estate, Beach Fossils and Beach House, using skeletal rhythms, sparse instrumentation and shimmering synthesizers to create delightfully danceable melodies.
Following on from their debut four-track EP Wishes/ Fishes, released by La Castanya in July of 2014, the band return with their first international release, a double aa side 7" single to be released by La Castanya in conjunction with New York's Other Music. “Black Lips” could easily pass for one of the best tunes by DIIV, with a summery California-style vocal melody; while “Surrounded by Sunflowers” is reminiscent of tracks from Tame Impala's "Inner Speaker."
The Zephyr Bones will release their first full-length album later in the year."