The Other Music Recording Co. is back with our latest dispatch, this time from the lush green lands of central Brazil. How we hooked up with this amazing young group is a story of near-cosmic alignment; a long-lost friend of the shop stumbled on a track from the fledgling band online and passed it to us knowing that we'd fall hard for Boogarins -- and we did, instantly. As Plantas Que Curam is a psych-pop gem, the brainchild of young songwriters Fernando Almeida and Benke Ferraz. Though now a full-fledged, "proper" band, the recordings collected on this album were assembled piece by piece by the teenaged duo in their parents' basements and garages. The ten songs offer a rough-hewn yet sunny and sweet update of Brazil's rich history of psychedelic song craft; while obvious nods to Os Mutantes and the Tropicalia movement at large have already been made in reference to this album, perhaps it runs closer in sound and spirit to the contemporary uprising of new psychedelia that has emerged across the globe. The guitars buzz and sting like agitated hornets, shimmering vocal harmonies shine through the swirling, cosmic atmospheres of these tunes, and Boogarins could be a South American cousin to groups like Tame Impala, Dungen and MGMT; they also flex a keen muscle for dynamics, and most importantly, sweet melody and hooks. There's a relaxed ease to which the duo ascends toward the heavens throughout the album, their casual playfulness at times reminding me of another influential underground psych behemoth, the Soft Boys (the opening guitar line on album highlight "Fim" even hints toward that band's classic "I Got the Hots"!). Overall, this record displays both the exuberance of the duo's youth, but also the impressive chops and finesse that many elder groups take years to hone. As Plantas Que Curam is, all bias aside, a stunning, beautiful album of warm, gently disorienting psychedelia that manages to transcend language barriers (yes, Boogarins sing in Portuguese), and the looming dangers of close to half a century worth of acid-fried cliché. A lovely and original record from a band we're betting (literally) that you'll be hearing a lot more of in the coming years, we couldn't be more thrilled to be releasing their debut.

-Mikey IQ Jones (October 2, 2013)