Scott Mou (Other Music Staff) / Staff Picks

  • Best of 2013

    NEW Cassegrain "Tiamat" (Prologue) Lowtec "Port Carbon" 2x10" (Brainmath) Kyle MF Hall "Boat Party Bonus EP" (Wild Oats) KMFH "Boat Party" (Wild Oats) Various Artists "Think and Change" (Nonplus) Eddie Flashin Fowlkes "Special EP" (Detroit Wax) Etapp Kyle "Klockworks" 10" (Klockworks) Jealous God label releases (Silent Servant, etc.) Various Artists "20 Years of Downwards" (Downwards) Pantha Du Prince "Elements of Light" (Rough Trade) CD/LP and Live at West Park Presbyterian Church Koen Holtkamp "Liquid Lightforms" (Barge Recordings) Coyote Cleanup "2Hot2Wait" (100% Silk) John Roberts "Fences" (Dial) Zomby "With Love" (4AD) King Krule  "6 Feet Beneath the Moon" (True Panther) Lawrence "Films...

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  • Best of 2012

    New:  Big Strick "Resivior Dogs" (7 Days Ent.)  Shed "The Killer" (50Weapons) Brutal + beautiful = "Brutiful." Massive and lofty. Bass kicks that sound like bodies being catapulted against a wall IN THE ROOM NEXT DOOR. Shackleton "Drawbar Organ EPs 1-3" (Woe to the Septic Heart) Still ahead of the pack. He's now pushing envelopes only be can touch. Karenn SHEWORKS004 Double12" (Works the Long Nights) Fave track: "A Room Full of Fuck All" V/A "Moments in Ice" 2LP (Frozen Border)  Traxman "Da Mind of Traxman" (Planet Mu) Totally expansive and heady record... Eric Copeland "Limbo" (Underwater Peoples) Eric's music...

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