Scott Mou (Other Music Staff)

  • Best of 2012

    Big Strick "Resivior Dogs" (7 Days Ent.) 
    Shed "The Killer" (50Weapons)
    Brutal + beautiful = "Brutiful." Massive and lofty. Bass kicks that sound like bodies being catapulted against a wall IN THE ROOM NEXT DOOR.
    Shackleton "Drawbar Organ EPs 1-3" (Woe to the Septic Heart)
    Still ahead of the pack. He's now pushing envelopes only be can touch.
    Karenn SHEWORKS004 Double12" (Works the Long Nights)
    Fave track: "A Room Full of Fuck All"
    V/A "Moments in Ice" 2LP (Frozen Border) 
    Traxman "Da Mind of Traxman" (Planet Mu)
    Totally expansive and heady record...
    Eric Copeland "Limbo" (Underwater Peoples)
    Eric's music keeps getting better without compromising any of his alien sense of weirdness. He also blew my mind by sampling Jane. Thought it was just a shout-out at first but then he started blending stuff in. I keep flipping this record over and over. His recent singles were great too!
    Shintaro Sakamoto "How to Live with a Phantom"(Other Music Recording Co)
    Pantha Du Prince/Bells Laboratory "Elements of Light"
    (Rough Trade)
    Klaus Dinger "Ihr könnt mich mal am Arsch lecken" Book
    Destroy All Monsters Magazine Book (Primary Information)
    Cave Evil Board Game

    12" List 
    Tinman/Cassegrain "Carnal" (Killekill)
    Big Strick (all 12"s)
    Kassem Mosse new 12" (fxhe)
    Madteo/Sextags split 12" (wANIA)
    Tuff Sherm on Trilogy Tapes
    Willie Burns on Trilogy Tapes 

    Tronics "Love Backed by Force" (What's Your Rupture)
    As a big Go Team/Beat Happening fan, I was shocked to find that the template was formed here in 1981!!!
    Harmonia "Live 1974" on vinyl (Gronland)
    MONOTON "Monotonprodukt 07" on vinyl (Oral)
    In Aeternam Vale "Dust Under Brightness LP" and 12" single. (Minimal Wave)
    Andreas Martin and Christoph Heemann "Lebenserinnerungen Eines Lepidopterologen" (Robot Records)
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