Ryan Naideau (Other Music Staff) / Recommendations

  • Best of 2016

    NEW75 DOLLAR BILL "Wood/Metal/Plastic Pattern/Rhythm/Rock" (Thin Wrist)CARLA DAL FORNO "You Know What It's Like" (Blackest)WILLIE LANE "A Pine Tree Shilling's Worth..." (Cord-Art)JEFF PARKER "The New Breed" (International Anthem)DRAKE "Views" (Cash Money)ANGEL OLSEN "My Woman" (Jagjaguwar)JAY DANIEL "Broken Knowz" (Technicolour)DWARFS OF EAST AGOUZA "Bes" (Nawa)SOLANGE "A Seat at The Table" (Saint/Columbia)BARCELONA "Puden Ser Ellos" (La Vida Es En Mus)VEXX "Wild Hunt" (Upset! The Rhythm)CC DUST "S/T" (Perrenial)VANITY "Don't Be Shy" (Katorga)OLDV/A BOOGIE BREAKDOWN: South African Synth-Disco 1980-1984 (Cultures of Soul)DENNIS OPPENHEIM "Theme For A Major Hit" (Slowscan)V/A WAYFARING STRANGERS: Cosmic American Music (Numero)TSEGE MIRIAM GEBRU "Vol 2" (MIssissippi)V/A SRI LANKA: The...

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  • Best of 2015

    NEWJESSICA PRATT "On Your Own Love Again" (Drag City)GUN OUTFIT "Dream All Over" (Paradise of Bachelors)GAUSSIAN CURVE "Clouds" (Music From Memory)AINE O'DWYER "Music for Church Cleaners" (MIE Music)DJ SOTOFETT "Drippin' for a Tripp (Tripp-A-Dubb-Mix)" (Honest Jons)75 DOLLAR BILL "Wooden Bag" (Other Music Recording Co.)DOMENIQUE DUMONT "Comme Ça" (Antinote)ROYAL HEADACHE "High" (What's Your Rupture?)DIAT "Positive Energy"(Iron Lung)EZTV "Calling Out" (Captured Tracks)BUILT TO SPILL "Untethered Moon" (Warner)COLLEEN "Captain Of None" (Thrill Jockey)JOAN SHELLEY "Over and Even" (No Quarter)OLDBESOMBES & RIZET "Pôle" (Gonzaï)MARIAH "Utakata No Hibi" (Palto Flats)JEFF COWELL "Lucky Strikes and Liquid Gold" (Numero)KENNY KNIGHT "Crossroads" (Paradise of Bachelors)SUN CITY GIRLS "Torch of The...

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