Ryan Naideau (Other Music Staff)

  • Best of 2014

    In no particular order

    AMEN DUNES "Love" (Sacred Bones)
    LULUC "Passerby" (Sub Pop)
    SUN KIL MOON "Benji" (Caldo Verde)
    TOTAL CONTROL "Typical System" (Iron Lung)
    SWEARIN' "Surfing Strange" (Salinas)
    SLEAFORD MODS "Divide and Exit" (Harbinger Sound)
    TWEENS "Tweens" (Frenchkiss)
    MAC DEMARCO "Salad Days" (Captured Tracks)
    GROUPER "Ruins" (Kranky)
    SHARON VAN ETTEN "Are We There" (Jagjaguwar)
    STURGILL SIMPSON "Metamodern Sounds in Country Music" (High Top Mountain)
    DEAN BLUNT "Black Metal" (Rough Trade)
    FATIMA AL QADIRI "Asiatisch" (Hyperdub)
    XYLOURIS WHITE "Goats" (Other Music Recording Co.)
    BITCHIN BAJAS "Bitchin Bajas" (Drag City)
    WERNER DURAND "Hemispheres" (Blume)
    STEVE GUNN & MIKE COOPER "FRKWYS Vol. 11: Cantos de Lisboa" (RVNG)
    NATHAN BOWLES "Nansemond" (Paradise Of Bachelors)
    ROMAN FLUGEL "Happiness Is Happening" (Dial)
    NINOS DU BRASIL "Novos Mistérios" (Hospital)
    RASPBERRY BULBS "Privacy" (Blackest Ever Black)
    ALEXANDER HEIR "Death Is Not The End" Book (Sacred Bones)

    VARIOUS ARTISTS "Native North America (Vol. 1): Aboriginal Folk, Rock, and Country 1966–1985" (Light in the Attic)
    THE FATES "Furia" (Bird/Finders Keepers)
    GIGI MASIN "Talk to the Sea" (Music From Memory
    SPIKE "Orange Cloud Nine" (Golf Channel)
    LEWIS "L'amour" (Light in the Attic)
    HOWARD NISHIOKA “Street Songs" (Big Pink)
    NGOZI FAMILY "Day of Judgment" (Now Again)
    ROY MONTGOMERY “324 e.13th st #7” (Yellow Electric)
    LAURENCE VANAY "Galaxies" & "Evening Colours" (Light in the Attic)
    DON CHERRY "Modern Art: Live in Stockholm 1977" (Mellotrone)
    ALEXIS ZOUMBAS "A Lament for Epirus 1926-1928" (Angry Mom)
    VARIOUS ARTISTS "1970's Algerian Folk & Pop" (Sublime Frequencies)
    LINO CAPRA VACCINA "Antico Adagio" (Die Schachtel)
    WOO "When the Past Arrives" (Drag City)
    HARALD GROSSKOPF "Oceanheart" (Bureau B)

    Naomi Punk
    Blazing Eye
    Lucinda Williams
    Sun Kil Moon
    Jessica Pratt
    Graham Lambkin
    Meredith Monk
    Sleaford Mods

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