Ryan Naideau (Other Music Staff)

  • Best of 2013

    Steve Gunn "Time Off" (Paradise of Bachelors)
    Gun Outfit "Hard Coming Down" (Post Present Medium)
    Call Back the Giants "The Marianne" (Kye)
    Dean Blunt "The Redeemer" (Hippos in Tanks)
    Cass McCombs "Big Wheel & Others" (Domino)
    The Cherry Blossoms "Live in Amsterdam" (Hairy Spider Legs)
    Pharmakon "Abandon" (Sacred Bones)
    Graham Lambkin & Jason Lescaleet "Photographs" (Erstwhile)
    The Ukiah Drag "Jazz Mama Is Cryin'" (Self-Released)
    Lubomyr Melnyk "Three Solo Pieces" (Unseen Worlds)
    Michael Hurley "Land of Lo-fi" (Mississippi)
    Case Studies "This is Another Life" (Sacred Bones)
    These New Puritans "Field of Reeds" (Infectious)

    However, the two albums I listened to the most this year were from 2012:
    Jessica Pratt "JP" (Birth)
    Lambchop  "Mr. M" (Merge)

    The Blue Nile "A Walk Across the Rooftops / Hats" (Virgin)
    Bob Dylan "Another Self Portrait" (Columbia)
    Sun Ra "Continuation" (Corbett vs. Dempsey)
    Anton Heyboer "Rules of the Universe" (Kye)
    Songs: Ohia "Magnolia Electric Co." (Secretly Canadian)
    The Garbage and The Flowers "Eyes Rind As If Beggars" (Bo'Weavil/Fire)
    Conrad Schnitzler "Conrad & Sohn" (Staubgold)
    Various Artists "Mutazione: Italian Electronic & New Wave Underground 1980-1988" (Strut)
    Woo "Whichever Way You Are Going, You Are Going Wrong" (Emotional Rescue)
    Naffi Sandwich "Hoochie Pooch/Space Alligator - Freddie Viaduct at Naffi H.Q. 1973-83" (EM)

    Matana Roberts at Jazz Gallery
    La Monte Young at Dream House
    Yellow Tears at 285 Kent
    PC Worship at Issue Project Room
    The Source Family - Documentary
    Naomi Punk at DC9
    Raymond Pettibon 'To Wit' at David Zwirner Gallery
    Gas Rag at 538 Johnson
    S.H.I.T. / Green Beret / Limp Wrist at Not Dead Yet, Toronto 2013
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