Ning Nong (Other Music Staff)

  • Best of 2015

    These are the releases I connected with most this year. Some of them are new and some of them are archival. They are somewhat in order.

    PRURIENT "Frozen Niagara Falls" (Profound Lore)
    REGIS "Manbait" (Blackest Ever Black)
    VOLCANO THE BEAR "Commencing" (Miasmah)
    ROBERT MILLIS "Indian Talking Machine" (Sublime Frequencies)
    SLEAFORD MODS "Key Markets" (Harbinger Sound)
    BROKEN ENGLISH CLUB "Scars" (Cititrax)
    LUSSURIA "Scarlet Locust of These Columns" (Hospital Productions)
    DREW McDOWALL "Collapse" (Dais)
    THE MASTER MUSICIANS OF JOUJOUKA  "Into the Ahl Srif" (Ergot)
    SUN RA "Space Is the Place 40th Anniversary" Book/DVD/CD
    STEPHEN O'MALLEY "Eternelle Idole" (The Shelter Press)
    TRIBO MASSAHI "Estrelando Embaixador" (Goma Gringa)
    IN CAMERA "Era" (4AD)
    VARIOUS ARTISTS "Linval Thompson Presents: Strong Like Sampson - The 12" Mixes" (Hot Milk)
    NASS EL GHIWANE "S/T" (Cleopatre/Plein Soleil)
    INTERSYSTEMS "3LP Box" (Alga Marghen)
    NOZINJA "Nozinja Lodge" (Warp)
    AINE O'DWYER "Music for Church Cleaners Vol. I and II" (MIE)
    VARIOUS ARTISTS "Time Wept - Vocal Recordings from the Levant 1906-1925" (Honest Jon's)
    LOOP "Array 1" (ATP)
    OMAR SOULEYMAN "Heli Yuweli" (The Trilogy Tapes)
    ANDREW CHALK "A Light at the Edge of the World" (Faraway Press)
    BEATRIZ FERREYRA "GRM Works" (Recollection GRM)
    HELM "Olympic Mess" (Pan)
    JOEL VAN DROOGENBROECK "Coloursound Box "(Purple Pyramid)
    DIAT "Positive Energy" (Iron Lung)
    OFFICER! "Life At The Water's Edge" (Blackest Ever Black)
    FLYING SAUCER ATTACK "Instrumentals 2015" (Domino)
    SUN RA "Omniverse" book (Art Yard)
    ROSE McDOWALL "Cut with the Cake Knife" (Sacred Bones)
    SUN CITY GIRLS "Torch of the Mystics" (Abduction)
    JOHN T. GAST "Excerpts" (Planet Mu)
    CONSUMER ELECTRONICS "Repetition Reinforcement" (Diagonal)
    WHEN "The Black Death" (Ideologic Organ)

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