Ning Nong (Other Music Staff)

  • Best of 2014

    SWANS “To Be Kind” (Young God)
    BRITISH MURDER BOYS “Live in Tokyo film DVD + Complete Recordings CD”
    IN AETERNAM VALE/KERRI LEBON “JG 05 12"/Mix CD” (Jealous God)
    CONSUMER ELECTRONICS “Estuary English” (Dirter Promotions)
    ALBERICH “NATO-Uniformen” (Hospital Productions)
    THEO PARRISH “American Intelligence” (Sound Signature)
    YELLOW TEARS “Golden Showers May Bring Flowers” (Septic World International)
    CASSEGRAIN “Centres of Distraction” (Prologue)
    KLARA LEWIS “Ett” (Editions Mego)
    DUAL ACTION "Nightmare Angel of the Expressways" (Hospital Productions)
    SLEAFORD MODS “Divide and Exit” (Harbinger Sound)
    NINOS DU BRASIL “Novos Mistérios” (Hospital Productions)
    VALERIO TRICOLI "Miseri Lares" (Pan)
    VIRILE GAMES "Wounded Laurel" (Hospital Productions)
    SILENT SERVANT/BROKEN ENGLISH CLUB "Violence and Divinity” (Cititrax)
    DAMASKIN “Unseen Warfare” (Unknown Precept)
    AF URSIN “De Overkant” (La Scie Doree)
    THE WAR ON DRUGS “Lost in the Dream” (Secretly Canadian)
    AKOS ROZMANN “12 Stations/Tolv Stationer” (Ideologic Organ)
    VEREKER “Murder License EP” (Berceuse Heroique)
    ANDREW CHALK “The Circle of Days” (Faraway Press)
    ADRIAN REW “Slot Machine Music” (Hanson)
    POWELL “11-14” (Diagonal)
    LEE GAMBLE “Koch” (Pan)

    LINO CAPRA VACCINA "Antico Adagio" (Die Schachtel)
    ROWLAND S. HOWARD "Pop Crimes" (Fat Possum)
    ARIEL KALMA "An Evolutionary Music" (RVNG Intl.)
    ELSE MARIE PADE "Electronic Works 1958-1995" (Important)
    SURGEON “Reissue 12" Series” (SRX)
    TOM DISSEVELT “Fantasy in Orbit” (Sonitron)
    RUTH WHITE “7 Trumps from the Tarot Cards and Pinions” (Black Mass Rising)
    COLIN POTTER “Entering Again” (Sacred Summits)
    CHARLES HAYWARD “Smell of Metal” (Kemal)
    VARIOUS ARTISTS “Let No One Judge You - Early Recordings from Iran 1906-1933” (Honest Jon's)
    SUN RA “Church Organ 1948” (No label)
    DELIA DERBYSHIRE “Inventions for Radio: The Dreams” (Psychic Sounds)
    JEAN-CLAUDE RISSET “Music from Computer” (Recollection GRM)

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