Ning Nong (Other Music Staff)

  • Favorite Releases, etc. of 2013:

    1. Case Studies "This Is Another Life" (Sacred Bones)
    2. Alberich "Machine Gun Nest: Cassette Works Vol. 0" (Hospital Productions)
    3. King Krule "6 Feet Beneath the Moon" (XL/True Panther Sounds)
    4. Shifted "Under a Single Banner" (Bed of Nails)
    5. Main "Ablation" (Editions Mego)
    6. Philip Corner "Piano Activities" (Alga Marghen)
    7. Function "Incubation" (Ostgut Ton)
    8. Huerco S. "Colonial Patterns" (Software)
    9. These New Puritans "Field of Reeds" (Infectious Music)
    10. Bernard Parmegiani "De Natura Sonorum" (Recollection GRM)
    11. Anthony Child "The Space Between People and Things" (NNA Tapes)
    12. Ákos Rózmann "Images of the Dream and Death" (Ideologic Organ)
    13. Tindersticks "Les Salauds" (Lucky Dog)
    14. Iannis Xenakis "GRM Works 1957-1962" (Recollection GRM)
    15. Mammane Sani "Et Son Orgue - La Musique Électronique Du Niger" (Sahel Sounds/Mississippi/Change)
    16. The Space Lady "The Space Lady's Greatest Hits" (Night School)
    17. Kevin Drumm "Tannenbaum" box (Hospital Productions)
    18. Mazzy Star "Seasons of Your Day" (Rhymes Of An Hour)
    19. François Bayle "L'Expérience Acoustique" (Recollection GRM)
    20. FFH "Make Them Understand" (Hospital Productions)
    21. Finis Africæ "El Secreto De Las 12" (EM)
    22. Vatican Shadow "Remember Your Black Day" (Hospital Productions)
    23. Rashad Becker "Traditional Music of Notional Species Vol. 1" (PAN)
    24. Broadcast "Berberian Sound Studio" (Warp)
    25. My Bloody Valentine "m b v" (MBV)
    26. Zomby "With Love" (4AD)
    27. Lussuria "American Babylon" (Hospital Productions)
    28. Nath Family "Sound of the Indian Snake Charmer Vol. 2" (Hanson)
    29. Various Artists "HALH" (Downwards)
    30. Marginal Consort "INSTAL. Glasgow 2008" (PAN)

    1. Yellow Tears live December 5 at 285 Kent, Brooklyn
    2. Massive Attack v Adam Curtis live September 28 at Park Avenue Armory, NYC
    3. Pantha Du Prince and the Bell Laboratory live May 28 at West Park Presbyterian Church, NYC
    4. Autoluminescent: Rowland S. Howard, film
    5. Being mailed a Cocteau Twins "Iceblink Luck" cassette (UK)
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