Niels Van Tomme (Update Contributor) / Recommendations

  • Best of 2016

    Just as we were starting to come to terms with the fact that 2016 officially sucked, everything suddenly turned even more bleak. In the first place politically of course, but for many also existentially. "You want it darker, we killed the flame." Amidst all of this gloom, there was of course some happiness to be experienced in daily life, but this could not possibly counterbalance the relentless stream of upsetting global world events. Nevertheless, as a modest antidote to these dreary developments I'd like to highlight five cultural moments that brought joy but also opened up an opportunity to reimagine...

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  • Best of 2015

    I rarely go out to see shows these days, which in turn makes my home-bound listening sessions all the more intimate and special. Throughout these sessions, I continue to discover an incredible amount of outstanding music, perhaps in a bit more focused way, without the distraction that is the search for a continuously new live high. While there were too many good releases to adequately compile into two truly substantial 2015 top 15’s, both for new and old stuff, here’s an attempt anyway. I decided to focus on those albums that truly surprised by defying all expectations of how a...

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