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  • Best of 2016

    Just as we were starting to come to terms with the fact that 2016 officially sucked, everything suddenly turned even more bleak. In the first place politically of course, but for many also existentially. "You want it darker, we killed the flame." Amidst all of this gloom, there was of course some happiness to be experienced in daily life, but this could not possibly counterbalance the relentless stream of upsetting global world events. Nevertheless, as a modest antidote to these dreary developments I'd like to highlight five cultural moments that brought joy but also opened up an opportunity to reimagine action, be it politically or spiritually, yet always imaginatively: Charlemagne Palestine’s capitulation to wholesome visual artist in GesammttkkunnsttMeshuggahhLaandtttt at Witte de With in Rotterdam, Mierle Laderman Ukeles’ timely and necessary retrospective at the Queens Museum, the transcendental, eight hour long 30th anniversary concert by The Necks at Bimhuis in Amsterdam, Maggie Nelson’s deliciously contrarian novel The Argonauts, and last but not least films like Moonlight by Barry Jenkins and Elle by Paul Verhoeven. And of course the two lists of 17 records each below. Why 17? It’s a personal rejection of this gloomy year of 2016 and a projection for the next one to come, a year in which we will all hopefully start to feel, think, and act differently. Hail Other Music! Bye. Hi. Love.

    OMAR S "The Best" (FXHE)
    MOOR MOTHER "Fetish Bones" (Don Giovanni)
    IDRIS ACKAMOOR & THE PYRAMIDS "We Be All Africans" (Strut)
    DAVID BOWIE "Blackstar" (Columbia)
    OLIVIA WYATT + BITCHIN BAJAS "Sailing A Sinking Sea" (Drag City)
    A TRIBE CALLED QUEST "We Got It From Here...Thank you 4 Your Service" (Epic)
    BABYFATHER "BBF Hosted By DJ Eschow" (Hyperdub)
    STEVEN JULIEN "Fallen" (Apron)
    IAN WILLIAM CRAIG "Centres" (130701)
    MATT KARMIL "++++" (PNN)
    THOMAS KÖNER "Tiento De La Luz" (Denovali)
    WILL LONG/DJ SPRINKLES "Long Trax" (Comatonse)
    KLARA LEWIS “Too” (Editions Mego)
    JAY DANIEL "Broken Knowz" (Technicolour)
    ÁNDE SOMBY "Yoiking With The Winged Ones" (Ash International)
    ECHOSPACE PLAY MICHAEL MANTRA "Sea Shell City" (Echospace)
    SILVER APPLES "Clinging To A Dream" (ChickenCoop)

    JULIUS EASTMAN "Femenine" (Frozen Reeds)
    VARIOUS "Music of Morocco: From the Library of Congress, Recorded by Paul Bowles 1959" (Dust-to-Digital)
    VIVIEN GOLDMAN "Resolutionary" (Staubgold)
    A MADE UP SOUND "2009-2016" (A Made Up Sound)
    FINIS AFRICAE "Amazonia" (EM)
    MORTON FELDMAN "Clarinet And String Quartet" (Saltern)
    LIFETONES "For A Reason" (Light In The Attic)
    WOO "Awaawaa" (Palto Flats/New General Catalogue)
    CLUSTER "1971-1981" (Bureau B)
    SYRINX "Tumblers From The Vault 1970-1972" (RVNG)
    TONY CONRAD WITH FAUST " Outside The Dream Syndicate" (Superior Viaduct)
    ANGELO BADLAMENTI "Twin Peaks" (Death Waltz)
    JOANNA BROUK "Hearing Music" (Numero Group)
    MOTOR CITY DRUM ENSEMBLE "Selectors 001" (Dekmantel)
    VARIOUS "Sky Girl: Compiled by Julien Dechery and DJ Sundae" (Efficient Space)|
    VARIOUS “Moodymann: DJ-Kicks” (!K7)

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