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  • Dance to the Future with Me: An Interview with Klaus Dinger's Partner, Miki Yui

    Last month, we were thrilled to host a release party at Other Music for Klaus Dinger's limited (and now sold out) photo book  Ihr könnt mich mal am Arsch lecken, arranged by his partner (and editor/publisher) MIki Yui. Shortly after the event, Imperium Pictures conducted this insightful interview with Yui, which features some great archival photos and film footage of this music maker, including his days in NEU! and La Dusseldorf. Look for the new (and sadly posthumous) La Dusseldorf album Japandorf, out in late March on Gronland. You can stream the film below, and then scroll down the page for...

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  • Klaus Dinger Photo Book Party: December 15th

    There are few artists of any era who are as central to the spirit of Other Music as Klaus Dinger; an early member of Kraftwerk and founder of NEU! and La Düsseldorf, Dinger's life was dedicated to making beautiful, ground-breaking music that has touched too many lives to count and has deeply affected the course of modern music. Dinger died in 2008, and his estate has recently published an amazing book of photos, flyers, artwork and essays about Dinger and the fertile Düsseldorf electronic music scene of the 1970s which he was central to. Other Music is thrilled to be...

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