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  • Customer of the Month: Blair Pack

    How long have you shopped at Other Music? 
    Since about 2009

    Favorite bands/genres? 
    I'm definitely an indie rock fan through and through, but in the past few years have started listening to more experimental stuff. I'm currently really enjoying the new Hair Police and Pharmakon albums. 

    Favorite sections at Other Music?
    Between my husband and myself, I think we've shopped in every single section at Other Music -- our music taste is so vast I don't even think I could choose a favorite section!

    Top 3 albums/bands you were turned onto at Other Music. 
    Bill Fox's Shelter from the Smoke, the entire Throbbing Gristle collection, and Michael Nyman. 

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  • Customer of the Month: Gabrielle Gantz

    How long have you shopped at Other Music? 
    Since I was a kid, growing up on Long Island, coming into the city to buy clothes and music ... but I've been shopping with gusto for the past year. 

    Favorite bands/genres:
    My music taste runs rampant over all genres. I can listen to Autechre one minute and Elvis the next. I fell in love with electronic beats young -- Depeche Mode, Erasure, and whatnot. That carried over into drum and bass, trip hop, and IDM -- now it's dubstep.

    Favorite record cover artwork:
    This is harder than I thought it would be. I think I need to go back to my tape buying days and say Primus. I always loved their covers. Kind of on the flipside, I always like what Warp did. Anything geometric usually gets my attention.
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  • Customer(s) of the Month: Justin & Leyla

    How long have you shopped at Other Music? Leyla: Since about 2010. Justin: I'm not sure, though I think since around 2008. Favorite bands/genres: Leyla: Genres -- I like many genres of music ranging from electronic to country, surf rock to blues. Bands -- Leonard Cohen, Bjork, Johnny Cash, Beirut, Billie Holiday. Justin: Genres -- Rock, Blues, British Folk/Traditional, Jazz; Bands: The Kinks, The Smiths, Fleetwood Mac/Peter Green, Love, Roland Kirk, Son House, the Beatles, Frank Zappa, Django Reinhardt, Little Richard. Favorite record cover artwork: Leyla: The Division Bell (Pink Floyd) Justin: Electric Warrior (T Rex) Favorite sections at Other...

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