• 'Other Music' Wide Release on VOD and Streaming Platforms

    We hope you are safe and healthy and listening to some great music! This difficult time has made us cherish our days with you at Other Music more than ever, and we are thrilled to let you know that starting today, the Other Music  film is finally available widely on VOD platforms for viewers in North America, including streaming on Prime Video and Kanopy, and rental/purchase on iTunes, Google Play, and Vimeo On Demand

    Our deepest thanks go to Puloma Basu and Rob Hatch-Miller. As soon as we announced that we would be closing Other Music’s doors permanently, the filmmakers contacted us, asking not only to come into the shop to document the final weeks of business, but also for access to our archive of in-store performance videos, photographs, and other ephemera. It’s because of their passion and creative vision that this movie came to light. This is a film about the Other Music community, and the amazing, passionate people like you who made that space, and life in our city, so special. It is about all of you reading this newsletter, and we are so happy to finally announce its widespread release.  

    It’s been a long road, with the original planned theatrical premiere (which was set to open in 30 cities in April to coincide with Record Store Day) morphing into a “virtual cinema” release that raised over $25,000 for struggling record shops and movie theaters closed during the pandemic. This Saturday, August 29th will be the first of three long-delayed Record Store Day "RSD Drops" events. And it’s for this reason that this week was chosen to release the film on VOD, and encourage all of you to support your favorite local record shops this weekend and always, be it online or in person. 

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