• Customer of the Month: Blair Pack

    How long have you shopped at Other Music?
    Since about 2009

    Favorite bands/genres?
    I'm definitely an indie rock fan through and through, but in the past few years have started listening to more experimental stuff. I'm currently really enjoying the new Hair Police and Pharmakon albums.

    Favorite sections at Other Music?
    Between my husband and myself, I think we've shopped in every single section at Other Music -- our music taste is so vast I don't even think I could choose a favorite section!

    Top 3 albums/bands you were turned onto at Other Music.
    Bill Fox's Shelter from the Smoke, the entire Throbbing Gristle collection, and Michael Nyman.

    Your go-to people in the shop?
    Everyone who works there is so great, but I think that Chris P. and Scott definitely know my tastes pretty well at this point.

    Why record stores over online shopping?
    You can't just can't get that personal touch online. I love the fact that I can come into Other Music, receive awesome recommendations, and discover new music I would never be able to find online.

    I'm DJing the biggest, awesome-est music fest of the century. I have to be sure to drop "________" into my DJ set...
    When I was a kid I literally used to listen to the Crystals' "Then He Kissed Me" on repeat, so I think I have to go with that song. I think my dream music fest would be a huge Phil Spector dance party.

    What's your favorite in-store at Other Music and/or OM event?
    I love listening to Other Music's staff spin at Ace Hotel.

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