• Boards of Canada Record Store Day 12”

    Photo from @ImNoPandaBear
    The Boards of Canada 12” that arrived at the shop in time for Record Store Day this past Saturday is perhaps the most mysterious release that we’ve ever carried at Other Music. We were not aware of its existence until Warp delivered it to us, providing no more info than that the record was an extremely limited pressing for RSD. The customer who purchased the 12” from us, @ImNoPandaBear, posted about his find on-line, and since we’ve been having as much fun as all the other Boards of Canada fans and music blogs, speculating about this intriguing record. While we can’t officially confirm that BoC’s long-awaited follow-up to 2005’s The Campfire Headphase is coming soon, it does appear to be the case, and we’ll be right there with you as further information unfolds.
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