• Customer of the Month: Gabrielle Gantz

    How long have you shopped at Other Music? 
    Since I was a kid, growing up on Long Island, coming into the city to buy clothes and music ... but I've been shopping with gusto for the past year.

    Favorite bands/genres:
    My music taste runs rampant over all genres. I can listen to Autechre one minute and Elvis the next. I fell in love with electronic beats young -- Depeche Mode, Erasure, and whatnot. That carried over into drum and bass, trip hop, and IDM -- now it's dubstep.

    Favorite record cover artwork:
    This is harder than I thought it would be. I think I need to go back to my tape buying days and say Primus. I always loved their covers. Kind of on the flipside, I always like what Warp did. Anything geometric usually gets my attention.

    Favorite sections at Other Music:
    Definitely electronic. I always find something obscure and leave with more than I planned.

    Top 3 albums/bands you were turned onto at Other Music:
    I could ramble off my whole 2012-2013 collection here. So many. But let's go with Modeselektor, Pantha du Prince, and -- I'm going to cheat a bit -- those Rinse collections have never steered me wrong.

    Why record stores over online shopping?
    The same reason why I love bookstores: the people who work in these stores are into what they're selling. They know what's good, they have personalities, and they recommend things that an algorithm wouldn't. I could never find the music I find at Other Music on a website. Even if everything were to go digital, I'd still want a record store in my neighborhood.

    I'm DJing the biggest, awesome-est music fest of the century. I have to be sure to drop "_________" in my set:
    Another hard one. I keep wanting to say DJ Shadow but that's only because he spun the craziest set at Brooklyn Bowl a few weeks ago and I wish it was him answering this question. Anyway, probably "Berlin" by Modeselektor. It's hard not to at least move your head when it comes on.

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