• Customer(s) of the Month: Justin & Leyla

    How long have you shopped at Other Music?
    Leyla: Since about 2010.
    Justin: I'm not sure, though I think since around 2008.

    Favorite bands/genres:
    Leyla: Genres -- I like many genres of music ranging from electronic to country, surf rock to blues. Bands -- Leonard Cohen, Bjork, Johnny Cash, Beirut, Billie Holiday.
    Justin: Genres -- Rock, Blues, British Folk/Traditional, Jazz; Bands: The Kinks, The Smiths, Fleetwood Mac/Peter Green, Love, Roland Kirk, Son House, the Beatles, Frank Zappa, Django Reinhardt, Little Richard.

    Favorite record cover artwork:
    Leyla: The Division Bell (Pink Floyd)
    Justin: Electric Warrior (T Rex)

    Favorite sections at Other Music:
    Leyla: I like perusing the vinyl section to see the album artwork in a larger format.
    Justin: I find a lot of great albums in the Then, Jazz, Blues, and Used sections.

    Top 3 albums/bands you were turned onto at Other Music:
    Leyla: Delia Derbyshire/BBC Radiophonic Workshop
    Justin: The Fantastic Expedition of Dillard & Clark, Bulletproof Brass, Thin Lizzy

    Why record stores over online shopping?
    Justin: Truly, shopping online affords convenience and availability that probably can't be matched. However, the inimitable atmosphere produced by a good record store cannot be supplanted by the ability to conduct one's shopping at any time of the day or, more likely, night, from the comfort of one's own home, or the cafe at Barnes & Noble, or work, or practically anywhere. Amazon doesn't know or care why I compulsively buy albums, many of which I've never even heard, but the staff of Other Music do!

    Also, when I go to the shop, I get my records right away, rather than having to wait for them in the mail.

     I'm DJing the biggest, awesome-est music fest of the century. I have to be sure to drop "________________" in my DJ set:
    Leyla: "Rip It Up" (Little Richard)
    Justin: ""God's Children" (The Kinks)

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