• Other Music's 30 Best of 2012

    Because 2012 may go down in music history for producing such a great crop of new albums, Other Music had to run a top 30 instead of our usual 25. Or maybe the year will be remembered for something else, but we couldn't narrow our list down any further, so 30 it is -- plus the first two awesome albums on our new Other imprint, and 30 stellar reissues. There is no science to our picks, it's just a bunch of record nerds sitting around, talking about all the great new music we heard this year that has stuck with us. If you shop at Other and know the staff here, you know we have wildly varied tastes and passions, but great music always worms its way to the top, and while we might not all personally love everything you will see listed, we can agree it represents the best and most forward-thinking music out there this year, and it all has the Other Music stamp of approval. Without further ado, Other Music's Best of 2012.
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