• Dogfish Head Craft Brewery Hangout This Wednesday Night

    Over the past couple of years Other Music has struck up a friendship with the Dogfish Head Brewery -- we love their amazing beer, and those guys really love music -- and they have invited us to join in on a special event celebrating their line of album-inspired brews. Tomorrow evening (Wednesday, November 28), Other Music's Amanda, Josh and Duane will be exploring a series of beer and music pairings designed by Dogfish Head; we will listen to Miles Davis while we drink Bitches Brew, Robert Johnson accompanied by Hellhound on My Ale, the Mekons while we drink Olde School, and Deltron 3030 as we enjoy Positive Contact. Afterwards, we will sit down for a video chat to discuss the pairings, the year in music, and whatever else we can mumble out after downing a few liters of their powerful beers, with founder and president Sam Calagione and a few other friends and colleagues. You can tune in from 8 to 9 p.m. EST here:
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