• First Video off Scott Walker's Forthcoming "Bish Bosch"

    We're impatiently awaiting the December 4th release of Scott Walker's new album, Bish Bosch, six years since his last full-length, Drift -- thankfully not the long 11-year interval between Drift and 1995's Tilt. As with the last few decades of Walker's music, Bish Bosch is a dense, cerebral work, moving between war-drum rhythms, sword-clang percussion, blasts of horns and ominous dissonance to uncomfortable gaps of silence, with the singer musing on topics such as brown dwarves, dictators and flatulence. Check out this bizarre slow-motion video for "Epizootics!", which only begins to touch on the strange, insular brilliance that is Bish Bosch, and the man himself.

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