• Other Music Is Back On Line

    When hurricane Sandy came through New York, the flooding from its storm surge took Other Music’s datacenter and web stores off line for well over a week, along with many other websites that were located in the same Wall Street-based facility. As of Wednesday evening, November 7, our email and download store have been restored and are fully functional, however, the mail order site’s server is still down. As we wait for it to be restored, we’ve created this alternate web shop for CD and vinyl. The selection is limited to new featured releases rather than the full scope of our catalog, but you’ll also find that this is a much more modern site than the good ol’ orange and blue one our customers have been shopping on for years – for one, you can actually store your customer information, so you don’t have to type in your billing info and shipping address every time you place an order. And with the simpler and more modern back end we can add new titles daily, and releases will often appear on the site before you see them in our weekly update. Keep in mind, this was built as a stopgap, so we’ll be making tweaks from time to time, but rest assured it is a completely secure site, and we can use your business now more than ever. If there is a release that you aren’t finding on this web store but are interested in ordering, don’t hesitate in emailing us at or calling the shop during business hours at 212-477-8150 for any inquiries. 

    Of course, we are very lucky that we’ve only had to deal with a technology problem. We know that so many in this area are facing far worse situations and our thoughts are with them. We do hope you and yours are safe.

     -All of us at Other Music

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