• So Percusion In-Store Performance (Monday, 10/19)

    We are very excited to welcome So Percussion, who will be appearing at Other Music for an in-store performance on Monday, October 19, to celebrate their recent Brassland album release, Music for Wood & Strings. Composed by the National's Bryce Dessner, Music for Wood & Strings is an epic 35-minute piece for a new instrument called the 'chordstick' -- a cross between a hammer dulcimer and an electric guitar. Using pencils, bows and mallets to sound either harmony or play individual strings, it's an beautiful and entrancing build up of rhythms, melodies, tremolos & drones.

    Because performing Music for Wood & Strings requires heavy amplification, for this in-store So Percussion will be performing a selection of unamplified works by Steven Reich, John Cage and other modern American composers who informed and inspired the group and the composition of the piece. They do plan to bring at least one of the chordsticks so instrument-building fans can give them a look close-up. This video tells the story behind the release.

    Monday, October 19 @ 7 p.m.
    Free Admission // Limited Capacity // All Ages
    Facebook Event Page

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