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  • Michael Stasiak's 11:11 of 2012

    Top 11 Reissues
    Tav Falco's Panther Burns "Behind the Magnolia Curtain" (Fat Possum)
    Unreleased material is incredible -- whiskey 'n' fried chicken shack-shake sessions, one-take beauty and by God, it's just nice to hear Alex Chilton's guitar again.
    The Cleaners from Venus "Volume One" Box Set (Captured Tracks)
    The "Midnight Cleaners" tape should be included with all Tascam Portastudios, as a lesson in how to make perfect pop songs with the barest of means.
    U.V. Pop "No Songs Tomorrow" (Sacred Bones)
    An hour's immersion in a cold, harsh, beautiful world.
    Laurie Spiegel "The Expanding Universe" (Unseen Worlds)
    Two hours' immersion in a humming, blooming, beautiful world.
    Toy Love "Live at the Gluepot" (Goner)
    September 12th-13th, 1980: the day punk was born, thrashed, and died in New Zealand and, hell, the rest of the world.
    The Lives of Angels "Elevator to Eden" (Dark Entries)
    Sounds like a stash of New Order demo tapes. Perfect-o.
    The Trypes "Music for Neighbors" (Acute)
    Music that feels handmade and so special that it hurts. A lot of this record is basically the Feelies playing a bunch of George Harrison songs.
    Moe Tucker "I Feel So Far Away: Anthology 1974-1988" (Sundazed)
    Her Tea Party alignment actually makes a lot of sense when listening to songs about workin' too damn hard for too little money. Those people are totally nuts, though.
    Michael Chapman "Rainmaker" (Light in the Attic)
    I've made it widely known that I want "You Say" played at my funeral.
    Interpol "Turn On the Bright Lights" 10th Anniversary Edition (Matador)
    OhmyGod, have you heard the demos material yet? So awesome.
    Gareth Williams and Mary Currie "Flaming Tunes" (Blackest Ever Black)
    That rare record that every OM employee bought (at least one copy of).

    Top 11 New Releases of 2012
    Wymond Miles "Under the Pale Moon" (Sacred Bones)
    There's a song on here that I wish could replace the "Danger Zone" musical cue in Top Gun and make the movie, like, eight million times better.
    Tindersticks "The Something Rain" (Constellation)
    Poetry in motion. 
    Lightships "Electric Cables" (Domino) 
    Poetry about motion. I think all of the members of Teenage Fanclub should just be sainted already.

    White Fence "Family Perfume Vol. 1 & 2" (Woodsist)
    Can Tim Presley get on that sainthood waiting list, too?
    Nude Beach "II" (NBR and Other Music Recording Co.)
    Mac DeMarco "Rock 'n' Roll Nightclub" & "2" (Captured Tracks)
    Man, this dude is insane-o. First release of the year seems like Tonetta Jr., and with record #2 he peels off the thong and reveals a sensitive soul filled with weirdly funky licks.
    Peak Twins/Scott & Charlene's Wedding "Split 12-inch" (Night People)
    Goofy names, tremendous tunes.
    Blues Control "Valley Tangents" (Drag City)
    Softly psychedelic new age water music.
    Moon Duo "Circles" (Sacred Bones)
    Snapper + Spacemen 3 + Eeeearrrly Stereolab. "Circles" melts me.
    Woods "Bend Beyond" (Woodsist)
    Might as well change their name to the New Byrds. But they shouldn't because that name sucks. Woods is my favorite band.
    Peaking Lights "Lucifer" (Mexican Summer)
    If Moon Duo's Circles melts me, then "Lucifer" reconstitutes me into a shape I've never been before, before turning my bones to jelly and making me dance like Baron Samedi from "Live and Let Die." Also, "Skyfall" is on this list somehow-that shit was great!

    Favorite 7-inches of 2012 
    Black Tambourine "OneTwoThreeFour" (Slumberland)
    Black Tambourine covering the Ramones -- tell me again what's not to love?
    Psychic Ills/Moon Duo "Split" (Sacred Bones)
    Burn, baby, burn.
    Ariel Pink and R. Stevie Moore "Ku Klux Glam" EP (Slowboy)
    That title alone...
    Veronica Falls "My Heart Beats" (Slumberland)
    A really pretty tune from UK boppers Veronica Falls, sort of a perfect link between their debut LP and their forthcoming one.
    The Scientists "EP" (Agitated)
    Faithful reissue of the second Scientists EP. White-hot grease fire of pure entertainment!
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