Michael Stasiak (Other Music Staff)

  • Best of 2013

    Mazzy Star "Seasons of Your Day" (Rhymes of an Hour)
    Steve Gunn "Time Off" (Paradise of Bachelors)
    Queens "End Times" (Dial)
    Toy Love "Live at the Gluepot, 1980" (Goner/Real Groovy)
    White Fence "Cyclops Reap" and "Live in San Francisco" (Castle Face)
    These New Puritans "Field of Reeds" (Infectious Music)
    Cass McCombs "Big Wheel and Others" (Domino)
    Crystal Stilts "Nature Noir" (Sacred Bones)
    Blouse "Imperium" (Captured Tracks)
    Chicaloyoh "Folie Sacree" (Shelter Press)

    Lee Hazlewood "Trouble Is a Lonesome Town" (Light in the Attic)
    Fall of Saigon "Untitled EP" (Dark Entries)
    Bona Dish "The Zaragoza Tapes" (Captured Tracks)
    Anonymous "Inside the Shadow" (Macchu Picchu)
    Coloured Balls "Ball Power" (Sing Sing)
    Arthur Russell "Another Thought" (Arc Light Editions)
    Athanor "Flashback" (Guerssen)
    The Dream Syndicate "The Day Before Wine and Roses" (Bang!)
    Jackson C. Frank "s/t" (4 Men with Beards)
    Cosmic Psychos "s/t," "Down on the Farm EP" and "Go the Hack" (Goner)

    1. Living in Queens.
    2. Laughing while hearing my friend Ben sing along to the performance of Big Star's "Third" in Central Park.
    3. Being mesmerized by the Joshua Light Show-style projections behind Crystal Stilts during their Other Music in-store.
    4. The full-throttle return of Arthur Magazine.
    5. Installing speakers in my kitchen so I could listen to Nico while frying eggs.
    6. When Fred Cole apologized for a shaky guitar solo and made some quip about his Gretsch, to which Toody replied, "There goes the workman, blaming his tools again!" and smacked Fred's arm.
    7. Eating fried chicken with Anna von Hausswolff; also, hearing her say things like "Goshdarnit" and "Howdy y'all!"
    8. 75 Dollar Bill live at Troost Bar.
    9. Getting schooled by Jeffrey Capshew on the tennis courts.
    10. Cass McCombs performing "Angel Blood" at Bowery.
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