Michael Klausman

  • Best of 2013

    DJ Nigga Fox "O Meu Estilo" (Principe Discos)
Nathan Salsburg "Hard to Win & Can’t Be Won" (No Quarter)
Zachary Cale "Blue Rider" (All Hands Electric)
    Steve Gunn "Time Off" (Paradise of Bachelors)
Katie Gately "Pipes" (Blue Tapes)
Zacht Automaat "s/t" (Calico Co.)
Huerco S. "Colonial Patterns" (Software)
Danny Pound "Hobby Howl" (Self-Released)
Express Rising "II" (Self-Released)
Chicaloyoh "Folie Sacree" (Shelter Press)
ARP "More" (Smalltown Supersound)
75 Dollar Bill "With Whiskey Hail" (Self-Released)
D/I/P "Fresh Roses" (Self-Released)
Bill Callahan "Dream River" (Drag City)

    Poul Gernes "Untitled" (Penultimate Press)
    Trash Company "Earle Hotel" (PPU/Steady Sounds)
    Leon Lowman "Liquid Diamonds" (Music from Memory)
Otis G. Johnson "Everything - God Is Love 78" (Numero Group)
    Dennis Johnson "November" (Irritable Hedgehog/Penultimate Press)
    Lovisoni/Messina "Prati Bagnati Del Monte Analogo" (Die Schachtel)
    Mammane Sani "La Musique Electronique Du Niger" (Sahel Sounds)
    Medico Doktor Vibes "Liter Thru Dorker Vibes" (Companion)
Various Artists "Pink Lotion" (Mark Francis Johnson Mixtape) (Gauss PDF)
Luiz Perez "Ipan in Xiktli Metzli" (Sacred Summits)
Lal Waterson "Teach Me to Be a Summer’s Morning" (Fledg’ling)
Caravan "Man & Buffalo" (Strawberry Rain)
    Sixth Station "Deep Night" (Numero Group)
    Red Rippers "Over There" (Paradise of Bachelors)