Michael Klausman (Other Music Staff)

  • Best of 2014

    BEST REISSUES: LUIS PEREZ "Mexico Magico Cosmico" (Sacred Summits)BESSIE JONES WITH THE GEORGIA SEA ISLAND SINGERS "Get in Union" (Tompkins Square)SIMON JONES "Melanie & Me" (Strawberry Rain)VARIOUS ARTISTS "Music from the Mountain Provinces" (Numero Group)VARIOUS ARTISTS "Native North America Vol. 1" (Light in the Attic)GIGI MASIN "Talk to the Sea" (Music from Memory)SPIKE "Orange Cloud Nine" (Golf Channel)JEFF GILSON "Gilson Et Malagasy" (Jazzman)CHARLEMAGNE PALESTINE "SchlingenCassettenBlängen" (Close Far)LINO CAPRA VACCINA "Antico Adagio" (Die Schachtel)SU WAI "Gita Pon Yeik" (Little Axe)MIKE COOPER "Trout Steel" + "Places I Know/Machine Gun Co." (Paradise of Bachelors)CHARLES COHEN "A Retrospective" (Morphine)ARIEL KALMA "An Evolutionary Music (Original Recordings...

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