Michael Klausman

  • Best of 2013

    NEW DJ Nigga Fox "O Meu Estilo" (Principe Discos) 
Nathan Salsburg "Hard to Win & Can’t Be Won" (No Quarter) 
Zachary Cale "Blue Rider" (All Hands Electric) Steve Gunn "Time Off" (Paradise of Bachelors) 
Katie Gately "Pipes" (Blue Tapes) 
Zacht Automaat "s/t" (Calico Co.) 
Huerco S. "Colonial Patterns" (Software) 
Danny Pound "Hobby Howl" (Self-Released) 
Express Rising "II" (Self-Released) 
Chicaloyoh "Folie Sacree" (Shelter Press) 
ARP "More" (Smalltown Supersound) 
75 Dollar Bill "With Whiskey Hail" (Self-Released) 
D/I/P "Fresh Roses" (Self-Released) 
Bill Callahan "Dream River" (Drag City) REISSUES Poul Gernes "Untitled" (Penultimate Press) Trash Company "Earle Hotel" (PPU/Steady Sounds) Leon Lowman "Liquid Diamonds"...

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