Harsya Wahono (Other Music Staff) / best of 2014

  • Best of 2014

    My selection this year reflects the idea of being constantly influenced by new things, new people and new challenges. The reason why my picks revolve around the sub-genres of electronic music is because 2014 saw the release of many exciting, forward-thinking and sonically diverse records that challenged conventional perceptions and reached higher confines. These picks are my most memorable and inspiring moments of this past year. TOP 10 EPs:AIRHEAD “Believe EP” (1-800-Dinosaur)JAMES BLAKE “200 Press EP” (1-800-Dinosaur)BRUCE “Just Getting Started/Tilikum” (Livity Sound)FLOATING POINTS “King Bromeliad/Montparnasse” (Eglo)JAMIE XX “Girl/Sleep Sound” (Young Turks)LIL SILVA “Mabel” (GoodYears)MOIRÉ “BBOY202/False” (Werkdiscs/Ninja Tune)SOPHIE “Lemonade/Hard” (Numbers)DAMINO VON...

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