Frank a/k/a "Eagle Eyes" (Longtime Customer)

  • Best of 2012

    Frank a/k/a "Eagle Eyes" got his name for his amazing ability to come into the shop and find the one sole copy of a new, highly desirable electronic release the moment it had arrived. (He often shows me stuff I didn't even realize we had!) He also uses his sharp eyes to find gems in the used section here. He has a particular knack for discovering grossly underpriced CDs in our cheapie bin -- classic titles AND new-ish releases, and he's constantly showing me a recent or out-of-print disc priced at $2.99 that people would be glad to pay 8-10 bucks for. He kills me with this every time and I just have to laugh! He's also known for regaling us with all kinds of old-school NY stories. One of my recent favorites dates from his junior high school days in the early-'80s, when he used his lunch money to go buy a ticket to see a DJ play that weekend. It was a DJ all the kids were talking about in school that week who happened to be Afrika Bambaataa!! Here is his top 10 for 2012, including a little bit of patented "Eagle Eyes" commentary. We love this guy! (Picks marked with * are titles he found used or in the cheapie bin!) -Scott Mou

    1.Ben Klock "Fabric 66" Mix CD (Fabric)
    2. Norman Nodge "Berghain 06" Mix CD (Ostgut Ton)
    3. V/A "Funky Nassau: The Compass Point Story" (Strut) "Still rockin this!"
    4. V/A "Music from Mathematics" compiled by Hieroglyphic Being (Mathematics)*
    5. Robert Hood "Minimal Nation" (M-Plant)*
    6. Pantha Du Prince "This Bliss" (Dial) *
    7. Shed "The Killer" (50 Weapons) "Holy smackerel, I never heard anything that badddd!!"
    8. Shackleton "Three EPs" (Perlon)
    9. Luciano "Vagabundos" Mix CD (Cadenza)
    10. Marcello Napoletano The Space Voodoo (Mathematics)*
    11. Efdemin "s/t" (Dial)*