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  • Best of 2016

    Items listed alphabetically, but my favorite LP of the year was Heron O, and fave reissue was Small World Experience.

    40 Best New Albums:
    75 DOLLAR BILL “Wood/Metal/Plastic/Pattern/Rhythm/Rock” (Thin Wrist)
    BLUES CONTROL “OLDENUFF2KNOBETTA: The Mixtape” (self-released)
    CITY YELPS “The City Yelps Half Hour” (Odd Box)
    CONNECTIONSMidnight Run” (Anyway)
    COUNTER INTUITS “Monosyllabilly” (Pyramid Scheme)
    THE DOUBLE “Dawn of the Double” (In the Red) 
    FADENSONNEN “Gutter Wanderer” (self-released)
    CHRIS FORSYTH AND THE SOLAR MOTEL BAND “The Rarity of Experience” (No Quarter)
    HERON OBLIVION “Heron Oblivion” (Sub Pop)
    HIDDEN RITUAL “Always” (Monofonus Press)
    THE INTENDED “Time Will Tell” (In the Red)
    KLIMPEREI & ERIC CHABERT “Dealings” (Bruit Direct)
    KRANO “Requiescat in Plavem” (Maple Death)
    WILLIE LANE “A Pine Tree Shilling’s Worth of Willie Lane” (Cord-Art)
    THE LAVENDER FLU “Heavy Air” (MEDS) 
    CATE LE BON “Crab Day” (Drag City) 
    SARAH LOUISE “VDSQ Solo Acoustic Volume 13″ (VDSQ)
    MIDNIGHT MINES “If You Can’t Find a Partner Use a Wooden Chair” (Mystery Plane)
    ROY MONTGOMERY “R M H Q: Headquarters” (Grapefruit)
    THE MOVING PICTURES “EMDR Pts 1 2 + 3” (Perennial)
    NEUTRAL “Neutral” (Omlott) 
    NOCTURNAL HABITS “New Skin for Old Children” (Glacial Pace)
    NOTS “Cosmetic” (Goner)
    ROB NOYES “The Feudal Spirit” (Poon Village)
    OCTAGRAPE “Aura Obelisk” (Sounds Familyre)
    OMNI “Deluxe” (Trouble in Mind)
    PLATES OF CAKE “Becoming Double” (self-released)
    THE PHEROMOANS “I'm On Nights” (Alter)
    PURLING HISS ”High Bias” (Drag City)
    RAKTA “III” (Iron Lung)
    REPOS “Poser” (Youth Attack)
    SABBATICAL “Sundown” (Love All Day)
    SCROLL DOWNERS “Hot Winter” (Ehse)
    THIGH MASTER “Early Times” (Bruit Direct Disques)
    A TRIBE CALLED QUEST “We Got it from Here … Thank You 4 Your Service” (Epic)
    TYVEK “Origin of What” (In the Red)
    URANIUM CLUB “All of Them Naturals” (Static Shock)
    UROCHROMES “Anthology” (Feeding Tube)
    VANITY “Don’t Be Shy’ (Katorga Works)
    XYLOURIS WHITE “Black Peak” (Bella Union)

    Best Reissues:
    DICK DIVER “New Start Again” and “Calendar Days” (Trouble in Mind)
    DOW JONES AND THE INDUSTRIALS “Can’t Stand the Midwest 1979-81” (Family Vineyard)
    TOMMY JAY “Tommy Jay’s Tall Tales of Terror” (Assophon)
    ANDREW LILES/TONY MCPHEE “Groundhogs Split-Up” (Dirter Promotions)
    THE LINES “Hull Down” (Acute)
    GIMMER NICHOLSON “Christopher Idylls” (Light in the Attic)
    SKYWAVE “Killerrockandroll” (Kanine)
    SMALL WORLD EXPERIENCE “Shelf Life” (Siltbreeze)
    STICK MEN WITH RAY GUNS “Property of Jesus Christ” and “1000 Lives to Die” (12XU)
    THE SUMMER HITS “Beaches and Canyons 1992-96” (Medical)
    TAD “God’s Balls,” “Salt Lick” and “8-Way Santa” (Sub Pop)
    TAMAM SHUD “Evolution” (Anthology)
    THE TERMINALS “Uncoffined” (Hozac)
    TRÄD GRÄS OCH STENAR “Box Set” (Anthology Recordings)
    VARIOUS ARTISTS “Sky Girl” (Efficient Space)

    Best EPs and Singles:
    SARAH MARY CHADWICK “This Fits” b/w “This is Familiar” 7” (I Dischi del Barone)
    COUTEAU LATEX “Hostile Environment / Morphée” 7” (Goner)
    HEART BEACH “Counting” b/w “Relief” 7” (Rough Skies)
    HOGG “Solar Phallic Lion” 12” (Scrapes)
    JJ DOLL s/t 7″ (Katorga Works)
    KALEIDOSCOPE “Vol. 2 No. 1″ 7″ (Katorga Works)
    MAMA “Eye in the Sky” CS (Maximum Pelt)
    MOUNT TROUT s/t 7” (Rough Skies)
    THE SHIFTERS “Creggan Shops” b/w “Captain Hindsight” 7” (It Takes Two)
    THE TRENDEES “Go To Town” 7” (Epic Sweep)


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