Doug Mosurock (Update Contributor)

  • Best of 2013

    10. Una Bestia Incontrolable "Observant Com El Mon Es Destrieux" LP (La Vida Es Un Mus)
    9. The Woolen Men "s/t" LP (Woodsist) / "Dog Years" LP (Dog's Table)
    8. Dichroics "Short Dirty Threads" LP (Self-Released)
    7. Daughn Gibson "Me Moan" LP (Sub Pop)
    6. Run the Jewels "s/t" LP (Fool's Gold)
    5. Retribution Gospel Choir "3" LP (Chaperone)
    4. Steve Gunn "Time Off" LP (Paradise of Bachelors)
    3. Endless Boogie "Long Island" 2xLP (No Quarter)
    2. Polvo "Siberia" LP (Merge)
    1. Connections "Private Airplane" LP (Anyway) / "Body Language" LP (Anyway) / "Tough City" 7" (Lost Weekend)

    Tony Molina "Dissed and Dismissed" 12" EP (Melters) / "Six Tracks" 7" (Matador)
    Florian Kupfer "Lifetrax" 12" EP (L.I.E.S.)
    UBT "Ego Orientation" LP (Psychic Handshake)
    Maximillion Dunbar "House Of Woo" 2xLP (RVNG Intl.)
    The Courtneys "s/t" LP (Hockey Dad)
    Neil Michael Hagerty and the Howling Hex "The Hildreth Tapes" 3xLP (Golden Lab)
    Robert McDougall "Unfinished Studies" LP (Angklung Editions)
    Constant Mongrel "Heavy Breathing" LP (Siltbreeze)
    Life Stinks "s/t" LP (S-S)
    Bed Wettin' Bad Boys "Ready For Boredom" LP (R.I.P. Society)
    Joel RL Phelps and the Downer Trio "Gala" LP (12XU)
    STILLSUIT "s/t" LP (Self-Released)
    Counter Intuits "s/t" LP (Pyramid Scheme)
    Letha Rodman Melchior "Handbook for Mortals" LP (Siltbreeze)
    Cellular Chaos "s/t" LP (ugEXPLODE)
    Gun Outfit "Hard Coming Down" LP (PPM)
    Eastlink "Wild Dog/Blood Money" 7" (Aarght!)
    Technicolor Teeth "Blood Pool/Drips" 7" (Accidental Guest)
    Various Artists "Beyond Inversion" CS (Accidental Guest)

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