Dave Martin (Update Contributor)

  • Best of 2015

    1. DICK DIVER “Melbourne Florida” LP (Trouble In Mind)
    2. DON HOWLAND “Life Is a Nightmare” (12XU)
    3. MEG BAIRD “Don’t Weigh Down the Light” (Drag City)
    4. COURTNEY BARNETT “Sometimes I Sit and Think and Sometimes I Just Sit” (Mom + Pop)
    5. THE SILENCE "Hark the Silence" & "S/T" (Drag City)
    6. RYLEY WALKER “Primrose Green” (Dead Oceans)
    7. RUSSELL ST. BOMBINGS "S/T" (Smart Guy Records)
    8. CAROUSEL “2113” (TeePee)
    9. THE JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION “Freedom Tower” (Shove Records / Mom + Pop)
    10. DAVE RAWLINGS MACHINE “Nashville Obsolete” (Acony Records)
    11. DRINKS “Hermits on Holiday” (Birth Records)
    12. CIRCUIT DES YEUX “In Plain Speech” (Thrill Jockey)
    13. SALAD BOYS “Metalmania” (Trouble in Mind)
    14. PROTOMARTYR “The Agent Intellect” (Hardly Art Records)
    15. F INGERS “Hide Before Dinner” (Blackest Ever Black)
    16. PRINZHORN DANCE SCHOOL “Home Economics” (DFA)
    17. ULTIMATE PAINTING “Green Lanes” (Trouble in Mind)
    18. DEAF WISH “Pain” (Sub Pop)
    19. ELEVENTH DREAM DAY “Works for Tomorrow” (Thrill Jockey)
    20. MASAMI KAWAGUCHI “The Mad Guitar Sings” (Black Petal)
    21. HOME BLITZ “Foremost & Fair” (Richie Records)
    22. KURT VILE “B'lieve I’m Goin Down" (Matador Records)
    23. YO LA TENGO “Stuff Like That There” (Matador Records)
    24. POLE “Wald” (Pole) 
    25. OBNOX “Boogalou Reed” (12XU)

    7”s / 12”s / EPs
    1. SAVOY MOTEL “Souvenir Shop Rock” b/w "Hot One” (Official Memorabilia)
    2. LOWER "I’m A Lazy Son…But I’m the Only Son” (Escho / Matador)
    3. MAC MCCAUGHAN “Box Batteries” b/w “Whatever Light" (Merge)
    4. NOVELIST x MUMDANCE “1 Sec” b/w “Shook” (XL Recordings)
    5. IMPLODES “Reverser” (Gillead Media)
    6. S/CKS “Cut Bait” b/w “Enemies List” (Mind Cure Records)
    7. THE GORIES “Be Nice” b/w “On the Run” (Third Man Records)
    8. HOWLING HEX “Butterfly” b/w “Party Shoes”(Drag City)
    9. EXHAUSTION “Phased Out” (12XU)
    10. FEEDTIME “flatiron” b/w “stick up jack” (Sup Pop)

    1. SPEAKING CANARIES  “Platter Base Must Be Constructed of Moon Rock” (Chunklet Industries)
    2. THOMAS JEFFERSON SLAVE APARTMENTS “Straight to Video” (Straight to Video)
    3. VARIOUS ARTISTS "Back from the Grave Vol. 9 & 10" (Crypt Records)
    4. SCHARPLING & WURSTER “The Best of the Best Show” (Numero)
    5. BILLY SYNTH “Off the Deep End” & “We Have You Surrounded” (Mind Cure)
    6. DEAN CARTER "Call of the Wild” (Big Beat)
    7. PACK "S/T" (Ugly Pop)
    8. YOUTH BRIGADE “First Demo” (Dischord)
    9. CATE LE BON "Me Oh My” (The Control Group)
    10. DISCHARGE “Toronto ’83 in the Cold Night” (Ugly Pop)
    11. TEENGENERATE “Live At Shelter” (Ugly Pop)
    12. STOOGES  “Have Some Fun: Live at Ungano’s” (Rhino)
    13. DEAD MOON “Live at Satyricon” (Voodoo Doughnuts / Mississippi Records)
    14. DEATHWISH "S/T" (Disclaim Records)
    15. THE B-52’s “Live 8-24-1979” (Rhino) 
    16. VARIOUS ARTISTS “Destroy All Art” (Rock ’N Roll Parasite Records)
    17. THE GIRLS “Punk-Dada Pulchritude” (Feeding Tube)
    18. BLAST “Damned Flame” b/w “Hope” (Death Vault Records)
    19. REMA REMA “Entry / Exit” (Inflamable Material / Le Coq Musique)
    20. 39 CLOCKS “Subnarcotic” (Luxury Product)
    21. THE ROLLING STONES “The Marquee Club Live in 1971” (Eagle Vision)
    22. STEVE TREATMENT “All Dressed for Tomorrow” (Messthetics / Munster)
    23. JIMI HENDRIX “Hear My Music” *& “Freedom: The Atlanta Pop Festival 1970” (Dagger / Sony)
    24. KIM SALMON & the SURREALISTS “Ya Gotta Let Me Do My Thing” (Bang)
    25. MARS “Mars Archives Volume One” (Feeding Tube)

    Savoy Motel @ Berlin & Union Pool
    Sue Garner / Alan Licht / Lee Ranaldo @ Trans Pecos
    Girlschool @ St Vitus
    Dick Diver @ Cake Shop & Babys All Right
    Gotobeds everywhere, every time
    Total Control @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
    Glue @ Palisades
    Salad Boys @ Palisades
    Meg Baird @ Union Pool
    Carousel @ The Cake Shop & The Wick
    Ultimate Painting @ Rough Trade
    75 Dollar Bill @ Trans Pecos & birthday parties
    Eleventh Dream Day & Antietam @ Mercury Lounge
    Protomartyr, Car Seat Headrest @ Santos Party House
    Damon & Naomi / Elisa Ambrogio @ The Bell House
    Dark Blue @ Rough Trade & Mercury Lounge
    Deaf Wish @ Alphaville
    Melvins @ Santos Party House
    Circuit Des Yeux @ Trans Pecos & Academy Records
    Connections @ Cake Shop
    Obnox @ Pianos
    Holly Herndon @ The Wick

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