Dave Martin (Update Contributor)

  • Best of 2014

    New Records:
    1. GOTOBEDS “Poor People Are Revolting” (12XU) 
    2. NUDE BEACH “77” (Don Giovanni)
    3. SWEET APPLE "The Golden Age of Glitter" (Tee Pee)
    4. REIGNING SOUND “Shattered” (Merge)
    5. ELISA AMBROGIO “The Immoralist” (Drag City)
    6. MORDECAI “Neil’s Generator” (Richie Records)
    7. CHEATER SLICKS “Live Vol. 3” (Columbus Discount Records)
    8. CONNECTIONS “Into Sixes” (Midheaven)
    9. BRAIN FEmpty Set Sorry State” (Grave Mistake)
    10. WATERY LOVE “Decorative Feeding” (In the Red)
    11. PROTOMARTYR “Under Color of Official Right” (Hardly Art)
    12. LOWER PLENTY “Life/Thrills” (Mexican Summer)
    13. DAVID KILGOUR AND THE HEAVY EIGHTS “End Times Undone” (Merge)
    14. DARK MATTER “Dark Matter” (Siltbreeze)
    15. OBNOX “Louder Space” (12XU)
    16. THE DARLING DOWNS “In the Days When the World Was Wide” (Beast Records)
    17. J MASCIS “Tied to a Star” (Sup Pop)
    18. RUN THE JEWELS “2” (Mass Appeal)
    19. MIKE REP & FRIENDS “Darby Creek Drifter” (540 Records)
    20. XYLOURIS WHITE “Goats” (Other Music Recording Co.)
    21. HAMISH KILGOUR “All of It and Nothing” (Ba Da Bing)
    22. DARK BLUE “Pure Reality” (Jade Tree)
    23. EASTLINK “Eastlink” (In the Red)
    24. EX HEX “Rips” (Merge)
    25. THE BLIND SHAKE “Breakfast of Failures” (Goner)

      Reissues or Archival Stuff:
      1. MODEY LEMON “House on the Hill” & “Modey Lemon” (Omentum Records/Mind Cure)
      2. PENNY ARKADE “Not the Freeze” (Sundazed) 
      3. THE STROKE BAND “Green and Yellow” (Anthology Recordings)
      4. SAVAGE AMUSED “Demo” (Mind Cure) 
      5. JACK RUBY “Hit and Run” (St. Cecilia/Feeding Tube)
      6. LIVEFASTDIE “Hit Stains” (Almost Ready)
      7. DEATH OF SAMANTHA “If Memory Serves Us Well” (St. Valentine)
      8. DON CABALLERO “Five Pairs of Crazy Pants…” (Chunklet Industries)
      9. THE BATS “Demo:  5-26-84” (Mind Cure)
      10. AXEMEN “Derry Legend” (Luxury Product)
      11. FUGAZI “First Demo” (Dischord)
      12. BORED YOUTH “Are You Alive 1982” (Alona’s Dream)
      13. TERMINALS “Singles and Sundries” (Ba Da Bing)
      14. BENT WIND “Sussex” (Ugly Pop)
      15. NGOZI FAMILY “Day of Judgement” (Now Again)
      16. THE BATS “The Law of Things” (Flying Nun)
      17. PETER JEFFERIES “Electricity” (Superior Viaduct)
      18. SPIES “Battle of Bosworth Terrace” (Siltbreeze)
      19. THOR’S HAMMER “If You Knew…” (Ugly Pop!) 
      20. X_____X “X__Sticky Fingers__X” (Ektro Recordings)
      21. X “Spurts: The 1977 Recordings & Aspirations” (Ugly Pop!)
      22. DUTCH MASTERS “All in the Wires” (Spacecase Records)
      23. BREADWINNER “Burner” (Merge)
      24. NECROS “Live in ‘85” (Jett Plastic Records)
      25. JIMI HENDRIX “Hear My Music” (Dagger/Sony)

        7”s / 12”s / EPs
        1. GOTOBEDS “New York’s Alright (If You Like Sex & Phones) b/w Prisoners of Love” (Mind Cure)
        2. DEATHWISH “Deathwish 12″” (Disclaim)
        3. UKIAH DRAG “Dirt Trip b/w Poison Ivy” (Wharf Cat)
        4. WATERY LOVE “Sick People b/w I Don’t Care” (In the Red)
        5. S.O.A. “First Demo” (Dischord)
        6. SHOCK “EP 3” (Shock)
        7. JON WAHL AND THE AMADANS “The Angst Blues of…” (Elastic Records)
        8. DEAF WISH “St. Vincent +3” (Sub Pop)
        9. GIORGIO MURDER “Primitive World” (Goner)
        10. WHATEVER BRAINS “SSR 63/64” (Sorry State)

        Live Music
        MAJOR STARS / THE BROKE REVUE @ Union Pool
        THE GOTOBEDS @ The Wick Nov. 29th
        DEATH OF SAMANTHA @ Baby’s All Right May 29th
        MORDECAI / WATERY LOVE / ENDLESS BOOGIE @ Union Pool May 25th
        PROTOMARTYR / SPRAY PAINT @ Cake Shop April 13th
        LOWER PLENTY @ Baby’s All Right / Life Stinks @ Death By Audio Sept. 18th
        DICK DIVER/ DARK BLUE @ Death By Audio Sept. 26th
        JSBX / PAMPERS @ Union Pool March 20th
        COBRA VERDE @ The Marlin Room @ Webster Hall Nov. 8th
        DEAF WISH / AUSMUTEANTS / PAMPERS / DEGREASER @ Death By Audio Oct. 2nd
        XYLOURIS WHITE @ Union Pool October 16th


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