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  • Best of 2015

    Before I get started I want to highlight 3 labels run by good friends. Props to them for working like crazy to put out loads of quality music in 2015. THE BUNKER NEW YORKLot.te "History of Discipline"Romans "Ambulare Aude"Mark Verbos "Walk the Distance"STYLES UPON STYLESKloke "P.H.O.N.E."Certain Creatures "Vipassana"CLEAR USAPrimitive Sci-Fi "PSCF2"Mike Broers "Stagma" EPTwins "Nothing Left"Now on to the more general list, here are my favorite new releases and reissues of 2015:BIRDS OF PREY "S/T" (Kathexis)ALEKSI PERALA "Colundi Sequence Levels 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15" (AP Musik) ***Digital D/L***ROBERT AIKI AUBREY LOWE & ARIEL KALMA "We Know Each...

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