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  • Best of 2014

    This year I've been beyond excited to watch the hard work of my peers and friends paying off here in NYC as well as globally. The two labels who have been supportive enough to release my music (The Bunker New York and Styles Upon Styles) have both had an impressive year putting great music out into the world and I highly encourage you to support and buy their records! Ultimately, the music of 2014 that impressed me the most, and stayed in my rotation the longest came from people I'm lucky enough to call friends. This year I've made friends with some musicians whose work I've long admired, some old friends have come from nowhere with amazing records, and some impressive musical performances have led to new friendships. Apologies if I forgot anyone!

    Please note: these lists are in no particular order as to not fall victim to the silliness of numerically ranking individual's creativity!

    So to start things off, here's a list of 2014 releases from:

    LEISURE MUFFIN "The Bunker New York 001" (The Bunker New York)
    VOICES FROM THE LAKE "Velo Di Maya" (The Bunker New York)
    LOT.TE "Pressure Chant" (The Bunker New York)
    ULYSSES "The Casual Mystic" (The Bunker New York)
    MARCO SHUTTLE "Fanfara" (The Bunker New York)
    ZEMI 17 "Impressions" (The Bunker New York)
    ATOM ™ "Ground Loop" (The Bunker New York)
    FORMA "Cool Haptics" (The Bunker New York)
    REAGENZ "The Periodic Table" (The Bunker New York)
    GABRIEL GARZON MONTANO "Bishoune: Alma De Huila" (Styles Upon Styles)
    KLOKE "Sea Levels" (Styles Upon Styles)
    GUT NOSE "Vicetopia" (Styles Upon Styles)
    GUT NOSE "Filthy City" (Styles Upon Styles)
    NEEL "Phobos" (Spectrum Spools)
    OUTER SPACE "Phantom Center" (Editions Mego)
    MARCO SHUTTLE "Sing Like a Bird" (Time To Express)
    BMG & DEREK PLASLAIKO "True Story of a Detroit Groove" (Interdimensional Transmissions)
    ERIKA "Hexagon Cloud Remixes 2.0" (Interdimensional Transmissions)
    RAICA "Leeft" (Further Records)
    RAICA "Motorsatz" (Further Records)
    SCUBA DEATH "Nitrogen Narcosis" (Further Records)
    FOSSIL "Ancram" (Further Records)
    WV "Dog in the Night 2" (Dog In The Night)
    WV "LIFE" (L.I.E.S.)
    ITAL & HALAL "The Day After" (Lovers Rock)
    GUNNAR HASLAM "Ataxia No Logos" (Delsin)
    GUNNAR HASLAM "Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom" (Mister Saturday Night)
    BLACK RAIN "Dark Pool" (Blackest Ever Black)
    RASPBERRY BULBS "Privacy" (Blackest Ever Black)
    FRED P "Distant Rain" (Mule Musiq)
    JORDAN "Division Point" (Finale Sessions)
    BRENDON MOELLER "Restless" (Boards)
    ARCHIE PELAGO  & GRENIER "Grenier Meets Archie Pelago" (Melodic)

    KETTENKARUSSELL "Easy Listening" (Giegling)
    JO JOHNSON "Weaving" (Further)
    GIGI MASIN "Talk to the Sea" (Music From Memory)
    STEVE ROACH "The Delicate Forever" (Projekt)
    ALLESANDRO CORTINI "Sonno" (Hospital)
    EDVARD GRAHAM LEWIS "All Over" (Editions Mego)
    NINOS DU BRASIL "Novos Misterios" (Hospital)
    VESSEL "Punish Honey" (Tri Angle)
    JOEY ANDERSON "After Forever" (Dekmantel)
    ROMAN FLUGEL "Happiness Is Happening" (Dial)
    SANDMAN "Sandman" (Take The Elevator)
    EFDEMIN "Decay" (Dial)
    SFIRE "Sfire" (CockTail d'Amore)
    FOREVER SOUND "Geist" (CockTail d'Amore)
    ALEKSI PERALA "Colundi Sequence Levels 1,2,3,4,5,6, and 7" (AP Musik)
    KANGDING RAY "Solens Arc" (Raster Noton)
    SVAAG "Semantica 66" (Semantica)
    PETER VAN HOESEN "Life Performance" (Tresor)
    LEE GAMBLE "Koch" (Pan)
    LA-4A "Cobalt" (Delft)
    SKEE MASK "Serum" (Ilian Tape)
    POPULATION ONE "Theater Of A Confused Mind" (Rush Hour)
    THEO PARRISH "American Intelligence" (Sound Signature)
    HTRK "Psychic 9-5 Club" (Ghostly)


    CRAIG LEON "Nommos/Visiting" (RVNG Intl.)
    DONATO DOZZY "K" (Further Records)
    DONATO DOZZY & NUEL "Aquaplano Sessions" (Spectrum Spools)
    NORD "Ng Tapes" (PCP)
    UNIT MOEBIUS "Kuiken 1" (Bunker Holland)
    UNIT MOEBIUS "Kuiken 2" (Bunker Holland)
    LESLIE WINER "Witch" (Superior Viaduct)
    PATRICK COWLEY "Catholic" (Dark Entries)
    CHARLIE "Spacer Woman" (Dark Entries)
    TRANSLLUSION "The Opening of the Cerebral Gate" (Tresor)
    ARIEL KALMA "An Evolutionary Music" (RVNG Intl.)

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