Alexis Georgopoulos (Update Contributor)

  • Best of 2012

    Gareth Williams & Marie Currie Flaming Tunes (Blackest Ever Black)
    Durutti Column Short Stories For Pauline (Factory Benelux)
    Woo It's Cozy Inside (Yoga)
    Roberto Cacciapaglia The Ann Steel Album (Half Machine)
    Laurie Spiegel The Expanding Universe (Unseen Worlds)
    Francis Bebey African Electronic Music 1975-1982 (Born Bad)
    Michael Nyman Michael Nyman (MN Records)
    William Basinski The Disintigration Loops (Temporary Residence)
    Tronics Love Backed By Force (What's Your Rupture?)
    Mark Leckey Fioricci Made Me Hardcore (The Death of Rave)

    Lee Gamble Diversions 1994-1996 / Dutch Tvashtar Plumes (Pan)
    Sand Circles Motor City (Not Not Fun)
    Terekke Pf Pf Pass/Damn (L.I.E.S)
    Nhk'koyxe Dance Classics Vol. I (Pan)
    Terrence Dixon Far From The Future Pt.2 (Tresor)
    Tin Man Neo Neo Acid (Absurd Recordings)
    Discover Tunnels (Digitalis)
    No UFO's MPC Tracks Vol. 1 (Nice Up Int'l)
    Bee Mask When We Were Eating Unripe Pears (Spectrum Spools)
    Jandek Maze of The Phantom (Corwood Industries)