Awake (CD, LP)

    Ghostly International

  • $13.99

Scott Hansen has been making hazy, beautiful techno records for close to ten years, and his 2011 Ghostly LP, Dive, was a bit of a commercial breakthrough, but in some ways his long-running Tycho project has only fully come into its own on Awake. Without losing the ticklish grooves or dreamy Boards of Canada moods he has been perfecting over the past decade, Hansen has expanded the group into a proper three-piece band, and the meticulously layered live guitar, drums and programmed electronics breathes new life into Tycho's sound, creating something fresher, more original and engaging than any other LP is his long career. The sound is still classic Tycho through and through, but the expanded instrumentation gives Hansen the tools to mix things up creatively, from true ambiance to post-rock, without ever abandoning the Balearic heart of Tycho's sound. (March 19, 2014)

Reviewed by Josh Madell