II (CD, LP)

    Sacred Bones

  • $13.99

Just like their pals and label mates the Holydrug Couple, Föllakzoid are a keystone of Chile's blooming underground psych scene. The quartet is a group of childhood friends, a collective of creative souls who conceived the project in 2008 after what they call a "trance experience." The stoned spirituality of their second LP lives up to that origin myth, and is just as mesmerizing as the cover art would suggest. This five-track album is a sort of atmospheric soundscape, directly influenced by Krautrock and psychedelia, filling a gap somewhere between Can and Spacemen 3. II is packed with hazy, brain-melting music driven by howling garage-psych guitars and chilly alien synths weaving through a steady drumbeat, two-note bass lines and breathy distant vocals covered in reverb. According to the Föllakzoid dudes, they "take their time recording albums," perfecting their songs with the goal being "to make something organic, that breathes on its own, which integrates into part of a separate, higher and bigger living organism." A perfect fit for the Sacred Bones roster, this is one of the better new psychedelic albums we've heard in a while.

-Anastasia Cohen