Noise Art (CD)


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The newest release on Trunk Records is easily one of their most unique and important to date. Noise Art is a stunning collection of fourteen sound works by multimedia artist Jeff Keen, best known to many as an experimental filmmaker, yet whose dense collage aesthetic also often found him working in text and sound. Keen, who passed away in 2012 at the age of 88, comes across on Noise Art with brilliant fusions of text cut-ups and dirty, DIY electronic synthesis, heavy on texture but also displaying a chaotic rhythmic hypnotism. The results often remind me of William Burroughs let loose in Raymond Scott's Manhattan Research laboratories, displaying a very punk-like embrace of chaos on the surface; with deeper inspection and study, however, one begins to recognize the intense skill and craft that has gone into the editing of these pieces. Keen plays with and cuts up his own speaking voice, as well as the voices of anonymous TV broadcasts, machine gun fire, radio static, gurgling, buzzing synthesizer textures, fragmented machine rhythms, and other assorted onomatopoeic ephemera. These recordings are simultaneously primitive yet refined, familiar yet alien, avant-garde yet strikingly pop. While certainly not to everyone's taste, this is a hugely important document of one of Britain's unsung creative multi-disciplinarians, and this collection will hopefully help to elevate his status as more than just an outsider oddball. This gets my highest recommendation.

-Mikey IQ Jones

"Song Of The Plasticator"
"Omozap To Plasticator"