Brendan Biggins (Other Music Staff)

  • Best of 2015

    NEW:ALESSANDRO CORTINI “Forse 3” (Important)LEVON VINCENT “Levon Vincent” (Novel Sound)JEFF ZAGERS “Still/Alive” (Wharf Cat)DIAT “Positive Energy” (Iron Lung) DOMENIQUE DUMONT “Comme Ca” (Antinote) NICK KLEIN “Failed Devotee” (Unknown Percept)EKMAN “Godelian Argument” (Bedouin)LETHA MELCHIOR-RODMAN “Shimmering Ghost” (Siltbreeze)LOWER DENS “Escape From Evil” (Ribbon Music)HELEN “Original Faces” (Kranky)GUN OUTFIT “Dream All Over” (Paradise of Bachelors)AINE O’DWYER “Music for Church Cleaners” (MIE Music)MIKE SHIFLET AND HIGH AURA’D “Awake” (Type)VARIOUS ARTISTS “No-Tech Volume One” (No-Tech)OLD:BROADCAST REISSUES (Warp Records)SURGEON REISSUES (SRX)SURGEON “Tresor ’97-’99” (Tresor)VARIOUS ARTISTS “Cold Waves of Color” (Color Disc)VARIOUS ARTISTS “Cold Waves of Color Volume 2” (Color Disc)SUN CITY GIRLS “Torch of the Mystics”...

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  • Best of 2014

    In no particular order New:PROFLIGATE “Finding the Floor” (Not Not Fun)TOTAL CONTROL “Typical System” (Iron Lung)EXOTERIC CONTINENT “Manteniment” (More Records)KASSEM MOSSE “Workshop 19” (Workshop)RASPBERRY BULBS “Privacy” (Blackest Ever Black)BLACK DEER “Black Deer” (Peak Oil) - late 2013 releaseJAY DANIEL “Karmatic Equations” (WIld Oats)TEREKKE “Terekke” (L.I.E.S.)SPIDER BAGS “Frozen Letter” (Merge)BEAU WANZER “Beau Wanzer” (self-released/not on label) Old: DARK ENTRIES EDITIONSHELEN “Witch”I.M.S. “Dancing Therapy”BIG BEN TRIBE “Tarzan Loves the Summer Nights”VICTROLA “Maritime Tatami"and more… ARCHIVIO FONOGRAFICO MODERNODECADANCE “On and On (Fears Keep On)"‘LECTIC WORKERS “The Garden/Robot Is Systematic”B.W.H. “Livin’ Up/Stop”and more… SUPERIOR VIADUCTHELDON “Allez-Teia”GLENN BRANCA “Lesson No. 1”GLENN BRANCA “Ascension”ELECTRIC EELS “Die Electric...

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